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10 Books that Deal with Teen Issues

Resource From Canadian Parents Magazine

If your teen has troubles, one of these books may help

Canadian Parents magazine took a trip to the giant bookstore to find some of the best books for teens on the market — not the escapist, blockbuster-movie-based thrillers, fantasies and love stories, but books based on (sometimes very grim) reality. Here are our top 10 picks for troubled teens and the specific issues that they address. (Caution: The suitability of some of these books for younger teens will depend on maturity level, among other things. Parental discretion advised.)

Stargirl - Issues: conformity, bullying, individuality, friendship

Go Ask Alice - Issues: drugs and addiction

Tweak: Growing Up On Methamphetamine - Issues: drugs, alcohol, addiction, life on the streets

Bifocal - Issues: racism, tolerance, terrorism

Chanda's Secrets - Issues: AIDS, shame, poverty, abuse, loss, loyalty, ignorance, illness

It's Kind of a Funny Story - Issues: depression, high-achievement, eating Disorders, self-discovery, sex, relationships

Fat Cat - Issues: weight loss, body Image, sexuality

Thirteen Reasons Why - Issues: suicide, loss, respect for others

Keeping You a Secret - Issues: homosexuality, sex, sexuality, belonging, conformity, discrimination, tolerance, love

Leverage - Issues: bullying, steroids, rape, suicide, friendship

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