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Lockers - Student Responsibilities

Students' Responsibilities Regarding Lockers

Students must:

  1. Keep their locker locked at all times and keep their combination CONFIDENTIAL.
  2. Keep their locker neat and tidy, no lewd pictures, no old lunches, etc. Students are NOT TO WRITE on or in the locker.
  3. NOT bring large amounts of money to school. If they must, give the money to the office for safekeeping. Do not keep money or valuables in locers. The school is not responsible for items that go missing in lockers.
  4. Keep the locker that they are assigned. In special circumstances, students may request from the Vice-Principal a change in locker location.
  5. Provide their teacher with the locker combination and serial number of your lock. Your combination is required to be stored at the office to resolve any emergencies, or if your combination is forgotten.
  6. Not share a locker with another student.
  7. Maintain their locker in satisfactory condition. Students will be required to pay for repair of severely damaged lockers. Students are responsible for all items stored in their assigned locker.
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